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The Surprise

Distance Reiki Healings

Some weird things happen every time I do a Distance Reiki session. Distance Reiki is when I send Reiki to a person who is not there in person, but the effect is the same, and sometimes more powerful, than if they were right there, sitting next to me. I have friends, family and people I know and work with, all over the world, and most of the time they are on the other side of the planet, so it’s an amazing feeling to be able to connect energetically and share such an experience. One of the interesting things that happen is what I get to ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ during these sessions. I share these, and to my amazement and astonishment, there have been so many revelations from these ‘visions’ or ‘energetic readings’, as I feel them to be.

Recently, as I was doing a distance Reiki session with a completely new client, that I hadn’t met in person yet, with a distance of 1000km from Melbourne to Sydney, I noticed that something was missing in the area of the ‘womanly parts’ as I was scanning her aura. As I got to the hip area, there seemed to be no energetic substance, there was nothing there, and it didn’t allow me to fill it in with light, which is the main part of my work. It is difficult to explain, there was only a black line connecting the top to the bottom, like a vacuum was sucking that part into itself. At first, I felt uncomfortable with myself, for seeing that, and not being able to fill it in. I felt like it was something I was not doing well enough. Thankfully though, as I was having my consultation with her, sharing what I saw during the session, I let myself mention this ‘little’ thing. What came next shocked me. She asked, ‘Do you think that is because I have had a hip replacement, or because I was born without a uterus?’ I nearly fell off my chair! That moment was the turning point of my work. It was then that I understood I need to share every little thing I ‘see’, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me, or how ‘bad’ it might sound. This ‘seeing’ during the Reiki session, is what helps to uncover deep seated pains and issues, bringing them up from the sub-conscious to the conscious to be dealt with, and ultimately cleared.

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