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Best spiritual experience ever. I got Reiki Healing in a moment when I needed the most. I was lost in space and time and I had the feeling that it's some higher force that connected me with Milica.
Beautiful vibrations, calmness, awareness and change on the positive energy are among the other benefits from Reiki.
So if you read this, probably there is a reason why you should try it. I strongly recommend this kind of spiritual health. You'll enjoy ❤️

Aleksandra Gjorgieva

A few years ago when I had my first ever Reiki session with Milica, what seemed to be only a couple of minutes was in fact an hour-long session, where I was completely relaxed and feeling blissful. Last year when I visited Milica I was feeling highly anxious, and unsettled about a personal issue I was dealing with. Following the session, I can honestly say that I felt a lot more at ease, and I started to feel the peace I was longing for. I highly recommend Milica's Reiki healing, especially for managing stress and anxiety. In addition to Milica's professionalism and warm, approachable nature, I must say that the premises were extremely clean and set at a comfortable temperature. Do yourself a favour and experience the Reiki healing by Milica - you, too, will feel the same gratitude I am feeling.

Vesna Trajkovska

My experience is one of the most difficult. But just because it is, doesn't mean that it's unique and will not help anyone.
The night I found out that my father was on his deathbed, the whole world crashed on me. I fell asleep exhausted from the huge internal pain, and the next morning my whole body ached as if I had been run over by a train... Suddenly, I remembered Milica's stories about her Reiki healings. I wrote to her, the next night before I went to bed, in a panic in what pain I would wake up the next morning. I asked her what Reiki was and if she could help relieve Dad's pain. We talked, she explained, calmed me down and told me she could.
When I opened my eyes in the morning, I could not feel my body. It was so aware of the whole situation, but easier than a feather. After my first coffee, I remembered Mim and immediately wrote to tell her how I was feeling and if she had anything to do with it. She just replied "What do you think?" I still shiver when I think about that moment... she managed to help me that much, from the very first time.
Treatments with Dad ... it hurts so much to write about them, even though they were miracles! I will just say, once again, thank you Milica!
Although it didn't matter to me how I was feeling, she helped me to survive that period. The very fact that I felt physical improvement, through energetic treatment made from a different continent, gave me new mentally hope and faith.
If there is such energy, there must be much more than this physical life on this planet, so the belief that I didn't lose Dad is etched in my core forever. That's all I needed in that desperate situation and that's exactly what I got. ❤

Daniela Angelovska

I can thoroughly recommend Milica as a Reiki healer. My experience with her was a spontaneous partial treatment, after I had been stung by a rather vicious wasp the previous day. She offered to do a healing session, as she could see that I was in pain. The difference she made was extraordinary and quite unexpected. She reduced the swelling and pain quite significantly. But most of all, her deeply loving attitude gave me a feeling of being nurtured by a truly concerned and caring person. She is very special and I am thankful to know her.

Anastasia Keros

My experience with Milica's Reiki is quite amazing. I didn't have my medication and I suddenly got an onset of an asthma attack causing me puffed eyes, blocked nose and shortness of breath, to completely getting over it, with the few minutes of Reiki during which I fell in a deep sleep for about an hour, by the time I woke up my breath was back to normal, my eyes de-puffed and my nose back to being able to perfectly breathe again. I was lucky we were at Milica's house at the time and she could help. I felt like my Reiki experience was surreal and quite amazing to the extent that I was completely recovered from my sickness, in such a short period of time.

Krystal Armatas

Life changing experience!

Maja Vukicevic

"I had two reiki sessions with Milica. I live in Germany, so I was curious how it would work. It was amazing. In the first session I had clear insights about my body and mind. After the session feeling of ease and blissfulness. We had a consultation after the session and that was deepening the key insights about some emotional and mental struggles I am encountering repeatedly in my life. We even had synchronized insights even though I am so far away. The second session was even more amazing. I had a nervous stomach that day, and it went away immediately. My mind was calmer from the beginning, so the whole session was like a journey in another reality. It was like anchoring the feeling of clarity, lightness and bliss. I am so grateful for this experience."

Bibi Klekackoska

"I was amazed at my Reiki treatment. I had a 90 minute session, and found myself fully relaxing within 10-15 minutes and drifting in and out of consciousness during the treatment, feeling deeply relaxed. Afterwards I felt an deep sense of calm, ease and well being that stayed with me for a few days. Thank you Milica.
Initially I had some anxiety about having a treatment as I am a science based person and have some doubts about alternative treatments. However, 300 years ago, the concept of an atom would have been ridiculed. We make new discoveries all the time. So, it would be narrow minded to rule out a concept of universal energy too quickly. I'm happy I took this journey and would highly recommend to try it.
I've had 2 more treatments and have found each to be calming, help me feel centred and reenergised. I feel this process is a great addition to regular wellbeing."

Thomas Lewis

Milica, I want to thank you for your time, attention and willingness to help somebody that is in need, to tell you that I’m grateful and blessed and that I had such an amazing experience with you. Regarding that, I would like to share with all of you my wonderful experience that I had during my Reiki treatment with Milica. One night, I had a very strong and excruciating pain in my gallbladder that was ongoing for a couple of hours already, so I contacted Milica for a consultation about it. After a brief talk, she offered me to try a Reiki treatment from distance. Reiki treatments were something new to me, but she explained to me about the treatment itself and how it works, so I gave it a try. The treatment was going for a couple of minutes (or as I thought so). During the treatment, I had fallen asleep without noticing. When I woke up, shortly after, I noticed that the pain that I was feeling before was completely gone and I found myself significantly calm and with a clear mind and thoughts. I felt a desire to have some water. She told me that after the treatment, I would feel thirsty, an I should drink a lot of water, to help with the release of the toxins that came out of clearing the energetic blocks and that would help my body recover quicker. The sleep that I had later that same evening was one of the calmest and most resting one that I had in a very long time till then. The whole experience was amazingly satisfying regarding the loss of pain and the calmness that I felt afterwards. I would highly recommend Reiki treatments to anybody no matter what is the issue or any kind of reason that they have.

Stefan Fazekas

Milica is a very qualified and senior Reiki practitioner with years of experience. You don't find many Reiki practitioners at her level or understanding. I would recommend Milica for your next or first Reiki session!

Zhenya Gerson

Let yourself go into a journey that will bring peace, calm and joy. Milica will share with you her own genuine, loving path that will make things moved in the most meaningful high power level. Close your eyes and enjoy!

Luz Isbelia

I had a great experience with the Reiki. It was my first time to try it, and had different energy afterwards. Milica has that amazing positive energy to spread. I totally recommend this place

Ahmad Sabbah

I had a Reiki session and I strongly recommend having one. I received very useful information of what is causing stress in my life and how to change that. It also helped calm me down very much, giving me the strength to change, at the same time. What amazed me is that we both saw the same colours, light and images, during the session, and they had a very specific meaning to my life – it was exactly what I needed to hear. I have to express my gratitude, thank you Milica for helping me to understand my body, my needs, and for guiding me to find inner peace. I am grateful to have you. I can hardly wait for my next treatment.

Diana Todoroska

"I've had the pleasure of two reiki sessions with Milica and am excited to book another soon. About two years ago, I found myself in one of those emotional overwhelm periods and felt stuck and unable to move on. I can't explain how, but within the next three days following our session, I found myself making decisions that had taken me literally years to make. I can only describe this as feeling like something was unblocked, cleared, shifted, at a level too deep for my understanding. The second session, about a year ago, was at another moment when I needed to let go of something and was having a little trouble doing so - I didn't wait long to ask Milica for help this time, and again, it worked. I truly believe she saved me weeks if not more of cognitive stress. Milica has a gentle presence which allows for people to come in any state of mind, but she also has a genuine strength - with my eyes closed I can feel actual heat emanating from her hands as they move inches above me. I highly recommend her service to anyone who wants to realign something in themselves but needs help getting deeper than the conscious level. I'm not 100% sold on a lot of the spiritual work being done out there honestly, and I didn't go into my first session as a true believer by any stretch. But after two powerful sessions, I can say that there's something real and helpful here for me, and I know I'll be going back for more. I highly recommend trying it if you're feeling stuck in some way."

Denise Mertzger

Thank you so much for the Reiki energy and your beautiful vibes, Milica. The second session was even more relaxing, despite being shorter. And I really enjoyed the massage at the end. I felt thoroughly peaced out, grounded and harmonised after both the sessions. It was an absolutely delightful experience. My sister also sends her regards, she is still raving about her session. I can't believe she had the same depth of experience, and felt it so strongly, all the way in Russia. At first, I didn't believe that I would feel anything in person, and it's still shocking that it works the same, on the other side of the planet. I can't thank you enough, Milica!

Lena Puchkova

I've been doing Reiki sessions with Milica for years. Apart from the initial deep relaxation and blissfulness I feel during and after the treatment, we have also been able to break many mental patterns and emotional blocks, and a few major changes have happened in my life, that I am utterly grateful for.Thanks Mici for all your support and guidance🙏💌

Lidija Ognenova

The distance was from Macedonia to Sydney Australia.

Too be completly honest i didn't know what to expect, I wasnt sceptic or anything i just didn't know what was going to happen even though the host said what was in fact going to happen.
Just as she said i felt relaxed and random pictures and colours and feelingd started appearing out of nowhere. For someone who isn't very spiritually woke it was and still is in fact a shock (a positive one ofcourse). Still feeling like every preasure i had before this session is gone i feel relaxed and full of energy even tho i had a high fever yesterday.

After the session the host explained every feeling and colour we both experienced in great detail.


Gorazd Vukicevic

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