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Happy New 2023 - the sacred meaning of fireworks! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ€

I always found it wonderful and amazing that the whole world uses fireworks for the New Year. I felt that it had a deeper meaning and I eventually found my answer in one of my Reiki books. In the spiritual and mystic world, there are many different techniques for clearing and cleansing negative energy and transforming it to positive. It is well known that using sound and light are two of the techniques to disperse stagnant and negative energy. By using light, we can transform dark corners, alleyways, streets, houses or buildings, into places of joy and celebration, and by using sound we can amplify this effect many times over. Imagine a dark, quiet house at the end of the street and the feeling you would get passing by it, and then the same house filled with light, music, laughter and dancing. Completely different feelings, right? We often express our feelings of joy and celebration by singing and dancing. We all clap to show appreciation for a job well done, in theatres and concert halls, but we might not know on the conscious level that these are actually amazing ways to help disperse any and all negative energies, whether in ourselves, or in the space around us. These traditions have survived through the ages and all around the world, and they come as wisdom passed down from our ancestors. We all intuitively know this. So, in welcoming the New Year 2023, if you are lucky to be watching the fireworks in your town, suburb or city, rest assured in the knowledge that something bigger is happening than just a beautiful display. It is welcoming the new year in light, colour and sound, clearing all the negative energies and creating the highest energetic vibrations for the new to arrive. So my friends, continue to dance, sing, jump, laugh, clap, and light up your homes and be merry. And not just for the welcoming of the New Year, but also throughout the rest of 2023. It is what we should live for!

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