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The Nose Bleed

It was a very hot summer’s day. We were packing and moving boxes, from my old apartment to my new one. I had help from my daughter and three of her best friends.

After working for a few hours, as they were having a rest and some food, one of them suddenly had a nose bleed. She was embarrassed to tell us at first, but we soon found out because it was gushing out quite abundantly, and wouldn’t stop. It was quite distressing to see, and I knew I had to do something.

I offered to do some Reiki for her, but she was reluctant, thinking that she would get blood all over me. She was very embarrassed by it, trying to clean up my sink and apologising the whole time.

Finally, I made sure she understood I am not worried about the blood, and that I am genuinely concerned for her wellbeing. She accepted readily. Equipped by a ton of tissues, she came and laid on my lap, and I did a quick session on her head, face and nose. Her nose stopped bleeding within a couple of minutes, but I sent her Reiki for about 10-15 minutes, to make sure it doesn’t start, again. It didn’t.

The lovely girl was so happy, and they continued helping out for the rest of the day, with not a worry in the world.

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