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The Baby on the Plane

The Baby on the Plane

I was on a long-haul 14-hour flight, and right after take-off, a little baby started crying. The mother managed to calm it down a few times, but as it got dark and people were starting to fall asleep, it started crying again. It went on and on, for more than an hour. I wanted to help, but was cautious, as anyone would be to a mother and child. I could see the mother getting distressed and I thought to myself that if I were in her position, I would be grateful if someone came to help me. After some internal wrangling with myself, I decided I would at least try and offer my help. If unwanted, at least I would know I tried.

So I went over, and after introducing myself, asked if I could hold her baby and send her some Reiki. She accepted my help and allowed me to hold her little daughter. I took her in my arms, and gently soothed her as I activated Reiki to flow to her. She felt the calm of the energy and stopped crying instantly. After about 5 minutes, she was deeply asleep. I kept her in my arms for a few more minutes while speaking to the mum and the flight attendant, who were preparing her flight cradle.

After I put her down and her mum tucked her safely in, I spoke a little more with the mum, and while holding her arm, sent her a bit of Reiki too, so she could also calm down and rest. She was stressed out and looked exhausted from flying half-way around the world, alone with a 6-month old baby.

Soon, she also relaxed. I went back to my seat after promising to help if she needed me again. The flight attendant and a few of the passengers came over to thank me for helping calm the baby. I guess the baby wasn’t the only one suffering.

At that time, I was only initiated at the first level of Reiki, so I had to use touch to enable Reiki to flow to another person. After I went through my second initiation, I could use symbols to send Reiki from a distance, so whenever there is a crying baby now, whether on a train, on a bus, on the street passing by, or in a café/restaurant nearby, I just activate Reiki and start sending to the distressed baby or toddler. My experience has been that the child will stop crying anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. It never ceases to amaze me, and I always practice this. I get to help calm the baby, as well as all the people around, including myself. It’s a win-win for everybody.

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