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Reiki - It's like a massage for your soul!

Why Reiki?
It can help with

Yoga Practice
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Peace & Harmony

Reiki soothes anxiety and helps to de-stress our body, bringing it to a state of deep calm, peace and harmony, by balancing out the negative vibrations and frequencies of the day, into a positive sense of wellbeing.


Reiki helps to overcome insomnia, offering deep rest, as well as relief from fatigue.  Reiki clears the emotional stress caused from worry and anger directly from the heart chakra and sacral chakra. After clearing we are left with a feeling of lightness, that translates to deeply restful sleep. We awaken full of energy to take on difficult challenges that life presents us, but all with a lightness of being.


The more we receive Reiki, the more our sensitivity heightens, assisting us in seeing more, hearing more and feeling more.  Our intuition deepens greatly, providing us support and protection. And not to forget, heightened sensitivity always brings with it heightened pleasure in all our experiences. 


Reiki helps with overcoming addictions and cravings.  And we are not just talking about the hard addictions. Notice how you won't need so much coffee, or sugar, or wine, or chocolate. You will find yourself enjoying these delicacies for their taste, not because you have to have them just to survive the day.  


Reiki assists in overcoming depression and apathy, by boosting our inner frequency to one of motivation, creativity and inspiration.


Reiki works on the thought processes and helps to change old patterns that don't serve us anymore  and clears false beliefs, that hinder our progress in life.

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I have been practicing and enjoying Reiki for more than 10 years, helping my clients to experience and live their most authentic life. 


It is important that my clients feel comfortable, safe and well-looked after. Each session is a unique story of Reiki energy, with many emotions, thoughts, feelings and ideas coming through.

After each session I make sure to have time for a detailed interpretation and discussion with my client, which brings insights and clarity.

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Paulina, Yoga Instructor

Milica is a highly intuitive healer with so much light. I loved my sessions with her. Came with a heavy heart and stuck energy and left lighter and more grounded.


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Sophia, Tango Teacher

Milica is a dedicated and highly experienced Reiki practitioner. I have had four Reiki sessions now and I can’t recommend her highly enough. One in person and three remotely since Covid lockdown. Each session has been unique and revelatory. Big insights have been gained as well as a feeling of lightening up and getting rid of emotional baggage. I can’t recommend her Reiki sessions highly enough.


Azra, English Teacher

I'm currently stationed in a military base in Iraq. Our latest events triggered unbearable emotions, so I reached out to Milica .
That session with her restored faith, tranquility and genuineness, a sense of life. I was magically sent to a different dimension, the kind that shed light on my soul. That feeling is still present. Amazing.
I strongly recommend "Bliss In" Reiki Healing to the ones struggling day in and day out.
There are no words to thank you enough, Milica!
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12/72 Parramatta Street, Cronulla, NSW 2230

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